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Chef Robert H. Lacey

Complete Blessed Easter Menu

Cajun Roasted Tom Turkey

Low Salt Country Ham with Mandarin Orange Sauce

Low Fat, Mac & Cheese

Citrus Zest Sweet Potatoes

Collared Greens with Smoked
Turkey & Sweet Onions

Grilled Zucchini Squash

Cajun Succotash & Turkey Bacon

Toasted Whole Grain Garlic French Bread

Frozen Yogurt with Summer Berry Sauce

Mint Julep Honey Tea (Green Tea)

Real Men Cooks Coffee

Bobby's Blessed Easter Menu
Rev. Robert H. Lacy III
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Cajun Roasted Tom Turkey

10 – 15 lb. Tom Turkey
1 Stalk of Fresh Celery washed & chunk cut
1 Large Spanish Onion(yellow) chunk cut
Low salt Chicken broth/stock or water
¼ cup of canola oil
Zatarains  Cajun  Rub
Foil paper &   Roasting pan
Turkey injector

Wash Tom Turkey in cold water, pat dry. Take some Zat’s Cajun rub & canola oil . Rub inside & outside Tom. Place alternating pieces of Celery & Onion Inside & in the neck cavity; preheat oven on 350
Take giblets & reserve for soup later. Prep roasting pan in a little canola oil. Draw chicken broth/stock in injector. Inject Tom in thighs, drumsticks, and breast (This keeps Tom moist ).
Take care, to place Tom in pan. Pour remaining broth/stock or water around Tom , make a foil Tent. secure to pan sides. Roast according to pounds on package. Turkey is done when juices run clear, rest 30 mins. To carve.

Low Salt Country Ham with Mandarin Orange Sauce

9- 15 lbs   Low Salt Country Ham Shank or Butt portion
2 cans of Mandarin oranges retain juice
½ gallon of O.J. pulp free
Splenda brown sugar blend 1 pack
4 Tblpns. Corn starch
Medium deep skillet
Roasting pan & foil paper
Preheat oven to 350

Take care, to pour 21/3 cup or less of O.J. into skillet on medium heat, incorporate 1 can of Mandarin oranges into skillet, let reduce holding Splenda brown sugar blend. Wisk about 2 tblepns. Of the blend in a juice as it reduces taste for sweet balance of citrus. (Reducing will intensify the flavors & make a sauce)
Keep whisking & watch not to burn, oranges. Thicken sauce with corn starch & water Wisk for smoothness
In a measuring cup.  Set aside off heat. Cover.Score the Ham, paring knife first cross pattern. Take O.J.& Splenda blend and Pour over ham, add remaining oranges on top, using soaked toothpicks. Place in Roaster & Tent securing sides of foil. Cook 2 hours or more if not precooked. Rest before carving.

Low Fat, Mac & Cheese

2 boxes High Fiber Whole Wheat 2
Pasta (No salt or fat in product)
I recommend Low-fat:  Colby, Jack & Cheddar Cheeses (Find a skim milk based melt cheese)
 Buy Butter flavored margarine
½ gallon  1% milk

Personally I use natural Butter, your call. Boil Bow ties or Elbow Pasta in low salt water Boiling rapidly.
Grease a glass rectangular dish, with butter or margarine Grate or use grated cheeses, by heating 1% milk in a pot on medium heat, whisking often. So as to not burn & overflow. Add more cheese to thicken Cheese sauce, reserve grated chesses for layering & final toping. Check pasta for tenderness, not mushy (al dente) drain in colander. Take cheese sauce of heat, should be smooth. Pour a little sauce on the bottom of greased dish. Next Pasta, then Sauce & Grated Cheeses (1) In a layer for layer pattern, like in steps one. Do so until dish is full. Top it with remaining cheese. Bread crumbs optional. Bake on a Cookie Sheet, until golden brown & bubbly

Citrus Zest Yams

7 nice  yams white or orange peeled washed & cut in medallions (If mashing boil first)

Place in a little lemon water to keep nice colors,  no black spots. Make simple syrup, 3 parts water 2 parts
Slenda blend.  Add a little OJ & zest a lemon and  orange in the syrup. Add some margarine, nutmeg & cinnamon in syrup taste. Place medallions or mash in a glass baking dish. Pour syrup over the dish
place thin orange slices after baking for garnish. Bake until yams are tender Covered at 350 d. for 35 mins.

Collared Greens with Smoked Turkey

3-10 Bundles of fresh Collards Greens
Washed & chopped rough  
1 large sweet Vidalia onion ¼ cut
Zat’s Cajun blend
Large Stock Pot of water to boil with Cajun blend & Smoked Turkey Necks
Refrigerate the greens & onion pieces in a bowl. Reduce water boiling & add greens mix. Cook until tender at medium heat, covered.

Grilled Zucchini & Yellow Squash

4 Zucchini  & 4 Squash
Zat’s Cajun blend
Canola oil
Pastry brush
Table top grill
Cut veggies unpeeled length wise or in medallions. Wash all veggies in cold water. Brush with Cajun oil blend. Gill both sides until tender.

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