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East Africa, considered the original home of coffee still produces some of the planets best Arabica beans from which our coffees are blended by world renowned experts.The beans used in Real Men Cook® Coffee are naturally grownin the mountains of Easr Africa, carefully selected and roasted to deliver an extremely rich aroma and taste.We support programs and intiatives that foster better and more sustainable communities in the coffee growing regions of East Africa, while protecting and preserving the environment that produces these excellent beans.

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Sweet Inspiration
for the Real Men Cook® Sweet Potato Pound Cake
The sweet inspiration behind the Real Men Cook® Sweet Potato Pound Cake can be found at Shakoor’s Sweet Tooth. This Brooklyn, New York, bakery is located at 555 throp Avenue in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of the city. There you’ll find authentic sweet potato pound cake and a thriving gourmet bakery/restaurant owned by baker, Shakoor Watson, and his wife, Marissa.

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Real Men Cook T-shirt

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Real Men Cook: 100 Recipes for Family Celebrations with Foreword by US Senator Barack Obama who has participated in the event with his family for years.
"A delicious, heartwarming collection of soul-stirring stories and soul-satisfying recipes, from real men who do it in the kitchen!"
Every Father's Day, men -- from the guy next door to politicians, entrepreneurs, athletes, and artists including US Senator Barack Obama -- gather together in cities across the country to participate in Real Men Cook for Charity events. It has become the largest Father's Day charity event in the United States, raising over a million dollars for charities such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the YMCA, and Real Men Charities, Inc., for various family and health initiatives.
Now, some of the remarkable Real Men Cook volunteers have come forward to express their love of cooking, family, and community by sharing more than one hundred delectable recipes (some handed down over the generations) and the memories that inspire them to live as Real Men.

A unique book with a priceless legacy that will nourish your family in body and spirit and the Foreword is by US Senator and
soon to be the 44th for president of the United States, Barack Obama.
Order an autographed copy of the book now: Call 773-651-8008 

$29 hard cover
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Real Men Cook: Rites, Rituals and Recipes for Living
Sixteen years ago on Father's Day in Chicago, K. Kofi Moyo and his wife, Yvette, gathered together a group of men for a food festival. Each man prepared his signature dish. The goal was to raise money for local charitable organizations and shine a light on the "real men" -- the unsung heroes of the black community -- who care for their families throughout the year.
Real Men Cook for Charity is now the largest national Father's Day event in the United States. In cities all across the country, from New York to Los Angeles, from Chicago to New Orleans, several hundred husbands, uncles, brothers, coaches, and teachers have participated in the event and have raised nearly a million dollars for a variety of charities, such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the YMCA, and for health initiatives like prostate cancer awareness. 
The men are all different, whether they are from Chi-town (up-South from Mississippi and Arkansas), N'awlins, Motown, Dallas, D.C., Miami, Philly, L.A., the Big Apple (with fried fish and biscuits on the side), or Hotlanta. But on Father's Day, they stand together, united by their love of cooking and an unwavering commitment to brotherhood and community.
In Real Men Cook, the men share more than one hundred mouthwatering, finger-lickin'-good recipes -- the kind of recipes that make the Father's Day event a must-attend for all who appreciate a good plate of food. Equally important, they open their hearts, offering memories of growing up, tales of Real Men Cook events, and wisdom for the next generation.
This unique book is a priceless legacy that will nourish your family in spirit and body.A delicious, heartwarming collection of soul-stirring stories and more than one hundred soul-satisfying recipes from real men who do it in the kitchen!

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