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Real Man Dave Davis carving pumpkins at Real Men Charities Pumpkin Carving

Real Man David West carving pumpkins at Real Men Charities Pumpkin Carving

The Crusade
Real Men Charities, Inc. presents Real Men Cook events as a national crusade to positively change the way the world views men in relationship to their families and the community. The crusade includes events, which take place all on the same day, Father’s Day; in Atlanta, Chicago, Benton Harbor (MI), Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington, DC.

The Crusaders
Volunteer cooks are the most valued crusaders in this movement to change the world. Local managers, nonprofit partners and radio partners are also essential to Real Men Charities, Inc.

The Reality
Can an event change the world? Day by day, year by year, first by claiming Father’s Day in major cities and with national media attention, myths are destroyed, hope is restored, perspectives repositioned, appreciation is expressed, examples are magnified, young men strive to be real men and mature men stand up to be counted; families, no matter the configuration, begin to celebrate themselves and those who try to make a difference. Women love it.

No Child is Left Behind
No child need feel empty on Father’s Day. Families attend the event and women are the number one purchasers of event tickets. Entire families celebrate beyond the biological father, and grandfathers, brothers, coaches and teachers. Reflection is placed on real men past or present. Children are celebrated, activities are planned for them and during the campaign, they benefit by the positive images, messages and role models, who happen to be every day men making a difference.

The Beneficiaries
Beyond charity partners, Real Men Cook® is the event women love to attend and the positive spirit lasts far beyond Father’s Day. They, their children, and in many cases male guests, enjoy the great food the celebration and the family reunion spirit of the event. The community benefits by experiencing many positive examples of men whom have given up Father’s Day pampering to contribute to a day that has more value because of Real Men Cook®.  After Father’s Day Real Men Charities, Inc is a positive force in the community, providing Real Men as volunteers.

Fellow non-profits are willing to work in partnership as we endeavor to change the world, benefiting through active involvement and an initial financial and manpower commitment. In exchange, publicity worth a million dollars in value is enjoyed, thus the non-profit’s value is strengthened and they are better positioned for success throughout the year.

Health and Wellness, Building Healthy Families throughout the year
Real Men Charities, Inc presents the Health & Wellness Pavilions as an integral part of Real Men Cook events in each city on Father’s Day. The Real Men Read Pavilion® is another feature at Real Men Cook. Other programming, mainly Real Men Cook with Kids®, Real Men Respond®and health forums represent the nonprofit’s commitment to buildhealthy families and communities throughout the year.  

The family, no matter the configuration, is acknowledged as invaluable to our communities. Children, women and all men involved whether as guests or the cooks, are able to enjoy Father’s Day first and meaningful involvement by real men throughout the year, thanks to Real Men Cook and Real Men Charities, Inc.  Each individual and participating partner becomes more valued as a result.

Yes, we believe with your help, we first change the conversation and change the world.

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