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Gimme Five...
5 Essential Steps

1) Get regular health screenings. Call Real Men Charities for how to get free screenings where you live.

2) Eliminate stress with regular exercise. Begin with walking, yoga or martial arts, just get started and create a routine

3) Add something green to every meal and double your water intake. You’ll notice the difference within a week. Snack on fruits and vegetables. Real Men eat healthy and avoid illnesses that cause friends and family members to care for them.

4) Mend broken relationships, connect with those you love and get love in return. Be a dad to a fatherless child, encourage others.

5) Donate your time and talents. This increases your self worth and delivers rewards that will have you looking forward to each day.

Gimme Five…more healthy years

Real Men Charities, Inc. launched a program in 2008 which will be in effect for the next several years. Gimme Five is designed to have Black males become fully focused on what it takes to expand their life expectancy. The idea is to put at least five things in place to have the body be strong enough to better fight diseases like cancer and to create a social environment that reduces stress.

“A key component in the Gimme Five campaign is being clear about your health status, challenging ourselves to work against the odds, to work through the fear of the outcome, being the master of our destiny and sparing our loved ones the agony of seeing us die too soon,” says Rael Jackson, Real Men Charities, Inc. Vice President.

One of the focus areas for Real Men Charities is Prostate Cancer. The health disparity among Black males is alarming, as Black men die from the disease. Just days before the 2009 Real Men Cook, the national signature Father’s Day events presented by Real Men Charities, OD Dickson, the former director of Real Men Cook in Washington, DC was added to those statistics. A few days later a veteran volunteer cook for Real Men Cook for more than a decade, Basil Braithwaite had a radical procedure. Regular free screenings, beginning with simple PSA exams which entail a 5 minute blood test, might have delayed the fights for their lives. Basil is recovering, but asked that we share his message.

Free PSA screenings for men over 35, thanks to funding from the Illinois Department of Public Health Center for Minority Health, have caused over thousands of men and women to get the message via the airwaves and printed materials Real Men Charities, Inc. provides.

Real Men Charities, Inc. co-founder says, “I lost my father last year and we lost him too soon. I say, ‘Gimme Five!’ That’s give me and your families five more healthy years with you. This is about living longer, being well informed and taking advantage of free screenings. The PSA test is simply a blood test, quick and easy. You get your results in the mail and make the needed adjustments to keep your PSA level as low as possible. You are in control!” Yvette Moyo says, “Our family has a history of longevity. I have grandparents on both sides of the family who lived to be 100 years of age, but we lost my father to lung cancer. He was a smoker who eventually stopped, which gave him more good years but ultimately we lost him too soon.

Included with Real Men Charities schedule of FREE prostate cancer screenings on Saturday are treats of the delicious Collard Green Salad Real Men Charities, is becoming loved for. Usually there’s a conversation regarding which foods, such as collard greens are high in antioxidants which are known to fight against cancer. At Real Men Cook in all cities on Father’s Day FREE screenings are offered to over 1000 individuals for prostate cancer, heart disease and more.

If you could extend your life or that of a relative, would it be worth it to be informed? For more information about Real Men Cook or Real Men Charities, Inc., please call 773-678-8296.