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Real Men Cook® was launched in 1990, and it became the largest family celebration in the country. It is presented annually on Father's Day, and has been for 19 consecutive years. Father’s Day 2009 will be the 20th Anniversary celebration in ten leading cities, but the reach and spirit goes far beyond the city limits and even influences and creates family service and celebration traditions throughout the country, in the Bahamas, on the Continent of Africa, in London and Paris.

Today, Real Men Cook® is the leading urban Father's Day experience. It’s a food tasting family celebration featuring men volunteering to cook for and serve the community. Ticket sales proceeds are enjoyed by partnering non-profit organizations in ten cities. Cooking is an example for what men are willing to do for their families and communities, giving up Father’s Day pampering to make a difference.

Millions more share the experience through interactive news programming and media coverage that reached over 136 million media audience impressions in 2002 and over 200 million last year. That's worth over $5 million in value in a single year.

Beyond the media value is the intrinsic value of the Real Men® brand. It points up the value and contribution of the males to healthy families and communities. Real Men cause us
to focus on not just the biological father, but men who make a difference in families and communities. Men and especially women alike appreciate and celebrate this concept.

For grocery retail, Real Men Cook® has opened up a new window for food purchasing and home-cooking around Father's Day and has put meaning into Father's Day by turning it
into an annual family tradition and celebration that matters.

Now in the 20th year, Real Men Cook® includes average dads and father-figures, leading celebrities and elected officials, both Eddie and Gerald Levert hosted Real Men Cook®
for two years. Marc Morial, former mayor of New Orleans and current president of the
National Urban League has cooked, served and hosted Real Men Cook®.

Even then-Senator Barack Obama, now The President of the United States, is among
the thousands of men who have rolled up their sleeves and donned a Real Men Cook® bandana, apron or chef’s hat to make a difference and change the way Father’s Day
is celebrated for the benefit of others. As a result, over $1 million in ticket sales proceeds
and donations have been generated by Real Men Cook® to nonprofit partners and organizations that serve families and communities