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Chef Kahlil G. Wyche

Chef Kahlil G. Wyche
Executive Chef, CEO
Catering To Your Whims
Phone: 800-499-6071/856-383-8600
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Interview with Chef Kahlil G. Wyche
  Article Courtesy of Basil Magazine

Basil Magazine: At what age did you know you were interested in cooking as a career?
Chef Kahlil G. Wyche: Sixteen.
Basil: Did you attend culinary school and if so, which one?
Chef Wyche: US Army.
Basil: What do you like most about the area you live in?
Chef Wyche: Opportunities and being in the “middle” of Philly, NY, DC & MD.
Basil: What’s your favorite “wow” dish to make?
Chef Wyche: Peach & Pepper Salmon.
Basil: How would you describe your style of cooking?
Chef Wyche: Nouveau Soul food with Caribbean accents.
Basil:  What ingredient that you like do you feel is underappreciated or underutilized and why?
Chef Wyche: Cumin if used improperly can throw the whole meal off. If used in the right context, can give your meal the distinct taste the people “just” can’t put their “hands” on but will remember!
Basil: What’s your most indispensable kitchen tool?
Chef Wyche: My knives.
Basil: What is your favorite thing to eat?
Chef Wyche: Chilean Sea Bass.
Basil: Tell us about any awards or recognitions you’ve received thus far.
Chef Wyche: Best BBQ, Connelley Award (Military).
Basil: Who would you consider to be your most influential mentor?
Chef Wyche: My Mom has always been a strong influence in my life. Watching a single mother raise her two sons in the “hood” while “hustling” (Avon, Tupperware, Amway) and never demoralizing or compromising her values and keeping me and my brother drug free and out of jail has always attributed to my success.
Basil: How do you balance family life with being a successful executive chef?
Chef Wyche: I incorporate what I call “shutdown” days at least twice per month where there are no phone calls, Facebook, email—just focus on the family.
Basil: How are you involved in philanthropy: Locally/ Nationally/Globally, and if so, how and with what organizations?
Chef Wyche: I’m in the process of establishing my own non-profit organization called Chef Kares, which will help at-risk youth and adults further their passion for food and ministry. I am also going to be working with Susan Korman, Bethany Baptist Church, and local food pantry. I donate my time, food and monetary gifts.
Basil: What’s next for you (projects & upcoming events)?
Chef Wyche: Releasing my gourmet sauce line, cooking DVDs, cookbook, healthy cooking tour.